Friday Movie Musicals from Just a Touch of Jazz

Summaries of Friday Musicals!

What are the “Friday Movie Musicals”?

Friday Movie Musicals are a once a week look into recommended musicals with a Touch of Jazz! Music and lyrics by noted jazz-age composers, like the Gershwins, Irving Berlin, Sammy Cahn, and Cole Porter are the golden age musical. Each week, I choose a different musical to discuss the impact it had on my own musical journey. The take on jazz that finds a home in musicals is found nowhere else!. Jazz is still true in today’s musicals—read about it with us!

That touch of Jazz!

“As noted already, my lifelong love of musicals has been a prompting for a life of singing and love of music. I was amazed to learn that Matt also was drawn to composing for musicals and playing those tunes. A different generation of musicals for him, I suppose, but we both were influenced and have studied composition for the musical.”

Susan LaVelle

You can go back and read about each of the musicals in the links below (The first two were sent out in Just a Touch of Jazz Insider emails. ):