Mug Giveaway!

Contest this week! August 6-13th, 2023!

Mug giveaway! You might win a Just a Touch of Jazz mug of your choice!

One year ago this week, Susan travelled to the Big Apple and visited Matt! What songs were perform there? Where else did Susan sing?

Celebrate and commemorate that trip with this fun mug giveaway contest!

We will select two winners.

Follow along down memory lane with pics!

And don’t forget to follow along memory lane with this week’s pictures and music over on our Facebook page, If you don’t have Facebook, pictures are also on our blog post from a year ago, here:

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It’s a mug giveaway this year, too!

Matt and Susan from a hill in Central Park, announcing the winners of the mug contest
Matt and Susan ran a mug contest for our fans from Central Park in 2022!

A couple more mugs have been added this year. Contest winners will choose from any of our mug styles. And, to the non-winners…we also sell the mugs on our Ko fi shop, so you won’t be disappointed! To check out all our mugs, just go to Ko fi then “Shop” and there are more pics and descriptions of the mugs. However, we are introducing one special mug for this contest that is not available yet on the store.