“Uniting the TC with Music 3”

Theme: Justice, Mercy, and Compassion


Artists! learn about the video concert series sponsored by Susan LaVelle and Matt Dorland, at justatouchofjazz.com/twin-cities-united/

Why participate? What do you get out of it?

Cost to participate: Free

  • Build community with other artists in the TC and feel supported;
  • Share one original piece of music created live in your space;
  • Let Matt & Susan sponsor the marketing costs for the series;
  • Process your feelings about today’s issues with an audience via original music;
  • Relax where your performance and composition rights are respected and retained;
  • Join in at no cost for participation;
  • Share your tip-jar links and contact info;
  • Make new fans by collaborating with new artists.

A YouTube concert compilation of Twin Cites’ musicians and songwriters, sharing original compositions or public domain songs. The songs express feelings, experiences, and a positive resolve in the midst of stressful times, with the purpose of exposing and exploring with an audience our struggles and hopes for positive, unifying change through the power of original music. This concert has a specific emphasis on justice, mercy, and compassion. We want to encourage each artist to interpret those words within their own musical parameters. Concert participants can share the concert via link to fans, in social media watch parties, and as tagged posts and re-shares from the links to YT.

Who is invited:

Musicians with a connection to the MPLS-St Paul area, performing original music live on video. 


Submit your recorded video as it is ready; concert release TBD. The goal is to have the videos submitted by April 4th and the online concert ready to go for the weekend of April 16th, 2021.

A concert on the theme of justice, mercy and compassion with original music by Twin Cities artists will be welcomed by many.


Submit a good quality MP4 landscape video, recorded live in a space of your choosing, using recording equipment such as phones (iPhones use MP4), webcams, or other video cameras using good lighting and sound. Doesn’t have to be perfect, but authentic and original and good enough for you to feel comfortable representing yourself with it to the world! Do not submit your song via a link to YouTube or other website. (*See link below for tips on creating a great video.) You don’t need to talk about yourself or your song on the video; your answers in the questionnaire will go on the screens or the post, along with your name and other info, such as tip jar, social media handles, and contact info.

* A good article/YouTube on how to get a good video with your camera: 


Submit your file via email (susanwlavelle@gmail.com) or submit the link via Dropbox, Google docs, or a file-sharing platform of your choice. The performance should be about 3-5 minutes in length, with up to ten seconds of silence at both ends of the music; a fade in and out to and from black for the music is acceptable, but not required. Also, if you haven’t done so already, submit your answers to the Performer’s Questionnaire (see below) to the same email address.

Check out our first two “Uniting the TC With Music” video concerts on our “Just a Touch of Jazz” YouTube channel:

Matt & Susan’s Commitment Statement: 

Matt and Susan are committed to weaving hope, love, and relationship, through a tapestry of life in original songs, blues, and ballads with a touch of jazz.

Performer’s Questionnaire

Copy the questions below and paste them with your answers into an email and reply to susanwlavelle@gmail.com

Names of performers and/or group:

Names of composer(s) if different:

Title of song:

Copyright info to appear for song (i.e., if you wrote it and it is original, you own the copyright; ours would look like this: e.g., ©2019 Susan LaVelle and Matt Dorland): ©

I, [YOUR NAME(S)] give permission to Susan LaVelle and Matt Dorland to include the video of my song [NAME OF SONG] and performance in the video compilation, “Uniting with Music, Twin Cities Concert and Series”, and further, I give permission to share and re-share this video compilation on various media, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others: Yes or no

Your brief (i.e., short paragraph) artist’s statement, mission statement, elevator intro, or connection statement (Note: this may be edited to fit into a frame on the video.): 

In your words, how does this song fit the concert theme? How did it come about for you to write it? What does it mean to you personally?:

Your tip-jar information (double check that it is completely accurate with no misspellings!):

Your links you want to share, like your website, social media handle, contact info, etc.:

Optional: Do you have a logo or branding? Any specific HEX colors you use for your brand? If so, feel free to email me a good resolution JPG or PNG file with your logo. Hex color code(s):