Piano and Vocal Jazz Duo: Matt Dorland & Susan LaVelle

Matt Dorland and Susan LaVelle, piano and vocal jazz duo, Just a Touch of Jazz

Piano and vocal jazz duo, Matt Dorland & Susan LaVelle, share originals drawn from jazz, Latin, blues, and pop, and standards from the Great American Songbook.

Just a Touch of Jazz’s lyric video for “Silence”

Piano and Vocal Jazz Duo, Just a Touch of Jazz, Matt Dorland & Susan LaVelle

The song and video for the song “Silence” came about after seeing the shocking video of George Floyd’s murder. The only reason this terrible deed came to light was because witnesses recorded cell phone video and shared it on social media. The witnesses broke the silence. The word “silence,” stands in contrast to action. “Silence” is indifference, apathy, detachment, dispassion. The song expresses a call to “find a voice, not silence.” Matt and Susan encourage you to listen and share this song!

2022 Tiny Desk video for “Music Brings Us Closer”

“Music Brings Us Closer” is an original song that expresses the importance of music to people of all ages. This video and recording is from the Just a Touch of Jazz entry into NPR’s 2022 Tiny Desk Contest. The Tiny Desk Concert is open to anyone (US citizens only) who creates an original song, performs it and records it in a video that shows a desk.

You can find Just a Touch of Jazz’ lyric video for “Music Brings Us Closer” here, above, and also on the Tiny Desk website. While you are there, check out the other piano and vocal duos, singer/songwriters, and bands that shared original songs to the contest.

Stayed tuned for Just a Touch of Jazz’s 2023 entry sometime in March!

Check out the “Music” page for more Just a Touch of Jazz and Matt Dorland & Susan LaVelle’s piano and vocal jazz originals. Performances by the duo are also found on the YouTube page @JustaTouchofJazz.