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Matt Dorland's hands on a Steinway piano. Look for the bios of Matt Dorland & Susan LaVelle on this page.

Matt Dorland
is a jazz & classical pianist, composer, arranger, and teacher based in New York City. In addition to teaching a studio of over 40 students, he improvises hit songs on the spot for comedy cabaret and performs originals and standards at jazz clubs. Matt’s extensive background in jazz piano lends a distinctive Latin and blues-inspired sound to his work, with influences of Cole Porter, Billy Strayhorn, and Antonio Carlos Jobim. mattdorland.com

Vocal mic used by Susan LaVelle. Look for the bios of Matt Dorland & Susan LaVelle on this page.

Susan LaVelle is a singer and lyricist from the Twin Cities. A love for writing and singing has been hers since childhood, which led her to a professional focus on and a master’s degree in writing. She has a custom songwriting business, where she composes lyrics and music that tell your story in song (song.wedding). Her musical influences are wide, but she credits several female musicians as her inspiration for musicality, individuality, creativity, and tenacity: Ella Fitzgerald, Annie Lenox, Annie Herring, and Bonnie Raitt. susanwlavelle.com

Matt Dorland & Susan LaVelle

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