35 in 22! Support our music!

NYC and Minneapolis skylines with text Big Apple, Mini-Apple

A new way
to support our music?
“35 in 22”!

We want to present the opportunity to everyone to share in what we, Matt & Susan, can do with our original songs. Would you consider a one-time gift toward supporting the costs of recording and distributing our music? Would you join 35 like-minded Insiders in making a monthly gift in 2022?  

“35 in 22” is a fun way for Insiders to show support for us and our music through a monthly gift of $5 or more, by setting up a secure and automatic donation using PayPal, all major credit cards, Apple Pay, or other payment options via our secure Ko fi donation page.

All donations go directly to Matt & Susan toward the cost of things like studio recording and the distribution of our music. A small percentage, 2-3%, goes to the payment platform, i.e., credit card, PayPal, etc., but the rest directly to us.

Will you join with us as we record our original songs at a more professional level so that the beauty of Matt’s melodies and playing and Susan’s lyrics and vocals are better heard both by you our Insiders and others who don’t know about us yet?

Thanks in advance!!
And of course, surprises await for those who donate