Matt Dorland & Susan LaVelle

Matt Dorland's hands on a Steinway piano. Look for the bios of Matt Dorland & Susan LaVelle on this page.

Matt Dorland
is a jazz & classical pianist, composer, arranger, and teacher based in New York City. In addition to teaching a studio of over 40 students, he improvises hit songs on the spot for comedy cabaret and performs originals and standards at jazz clubs. Matt’s extensive background in jazz piano lends a distinctive Latin and blues-inspired sound to his work, with influences of Cole Porter, Billy Strayhorn, and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Vocal mic used by Susan LaVelle. Look for the bios of Matt Dorland & Susan LaVelle on this page.

Susan LaVelle is a singer and lyricist from the Twin Cities. A love for writing and singing has been hers since childhood, which led her to a professional focus on and a master’s degree in writing. She has a custom songwriting business, where she composes lyrics and music that tell your story in song ( Her musical influences are wide, but she credits several female musicians as her inspiration for musicality, individuality, creativity, and tenacity: Ella Fitzgerald, Annie Lenox, Annie Herring, and Bonnie Raitt.

Matt Dorland & Susan LaVelle

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